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Welcome to Kamchatjeeptour!

   Our company can offer you a amazing tourist trip in wild nature of Kamchatka. 

We can offer: hiking, tracking to volcanous, jeep-tourst, tour by helicopter to Valley of Geysers, Ski-tours, also heli-ski tours,  salmon Fishing and seewalks, divinng.

Hiking to  voulcnos of Kamchatka, hot well and amazing wildparks.

Traking to  volcaous as to the edormant volcano, also to the active one. Going to this kind of trip you should have a very good physical training.

While your trip in Kamchatka you may also see it'sethnic side. Meet aboriginals, see how they live, hunting, meet with there culture.

Trips to the Valley of Geysers only by helicopters ( nature of the National park)

Ski-tour adventure you can try almost all year long. There are different routes and you may choose your level.

 We can offer you a greatchoice of travel routes, depends on your wishes.

We speak English !