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Отзыв гостей из Каталонии  03.02.2015 11:48

My wife and I travelled around Kamtchatka the past January 2015 to discover these land, specially, in my case, to skiing and mountaineering, in some moments I thought that wasn’t possible, obviously for the weather conditions and how is difficult to move yourself on the territory, but all makes a turn after when we had met Mr.Sesterov, Igor, a great person, and I only have nice words and highlights for him.

He did that our experience at Kamtchatka has been really exciting, wonderful and amazing without forget the prudence, the security and the common sense.

I would like say only, thank you so much Igor for to share your knowledge and skills, with a Catalan, during a couple of days in your amazing territory. Thank you so much again.

Oksаna & Jordi Valero from Barcelona (Catalonia).